10 questions to ask yourself about your kids' giving

by NCF staff  |  March 07, 2018  |  Type: Insights

Have you ever wondered when you should start training your kids and grandkids about money and giving? Well, the truth is ... children in America are already bombarded with powerful financial messages at a very young age.

According to estimates from the American Psychological Association, advertisers spend more than $12 billion per year to reach the youth market, and children view more than 40,000 TV and Internet commercials each year.

While we can’t change the fact that the media heightens our children’s awareness for material things they don’t actually need, there is a biblical way to counter the tide of consumerism. As Andy Stanley, founder of Northpoint Ministries, says in his book How to Be Rich, “Generosity helps us cultivate awareness of things that really matter.” 

So how do we cultivate generosity with our children?

As any parent knows, kids learn best by observing what we do rather than by what we say. To help you explore how well you are teaching your kids and grandkids about giving, here are some helpful questions to reflect on:

  1. Do my kids and grandkids ever see me give?
  2. Do my kids and grandkids know where I give?
  3. Are my kids and grandkids involved in giving?
  4. How have my kids and grandkids experienced giving firsthand?
  5. If I asked my family how important generosity is to me, what would they say?
  6. What causes and charities are my kids and grandkids concerned about?
  7. Where can we volunteer together as a family?
  8. How does my family think I define success and being “rich”?
  9. Do my kids and grandkids see me practicing kindness and gratefulness?
  10. What does my family say that I am famous for?

Of course, giving is just one part of a financial education. Kids need to learn about earning, saving, and spending, too. But in a culture where consumers of all ages are targeted with the notion that success is about what you have, it’s never too early to teach children that so much of life is about what you give.

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